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Security Guard Services


We provide security services amongst others such as: access control, loss control, undercover guarding, armed & un armed guards, events management, guarding the construction sites, industrial guarding, commercial guarding, residential guarding, retail guarding, evictions and risk management

Uniformed Armed & Unarmed Guarding Services – here, our armed and unarmed security personnel have only one mission in common, that is to protect our customers and their assets, and maintain security as well as safety in the assigned area.

Prior to hiring the personnel, we will conduct rigorous screening and assessment exercise. Only those who are physically fit and healthy. Disciplined and free from any criminal or illegal records are chosen. Once chosen, they are first required to undergo specialized security training and coaching to ensure that they are well presented and possess the ability to deal with their duties and public in the best possible manner.

Alpha Vision Security has an outstanding amount of personnel and other professionals who provide the responsive coverage and security services that you require. We serve our customers through a network of local offices that covers all of Gauteng and nationally. We believe that our success lies in the commitment of all our staff and in the dedication of our Supervisors, Managers and Directors.

We recruit qualified, capable and well-presented staff and ensure that they receive the best possible training. We work in partnership with our staff, supporting them to deliver their best and treating them with respect at all times. Our turnover rate is an industry-beating low!

We ensure that application to duties is matched by a professional appearance, strong communications skills and by an understanding of the importance not just of Security but also of Customer Service.


Escort And Personal Body guarding – when using Alpha Vision Bodyguards, clients are assured of that privacy without any intrusion or negative behaviors from any unwanted trespassers or gatecrashers. We cater for all types of events from discreet private parties to full size concerts.

Our operatives will work closely with the event organizers, the door/gate staff and police and emergency contingency plans are in place before the patrons arrive.


Fully equipped with state-of-the-art alarming system and tracking devices in our patrol cars, our distinctly marked Mobile vehicles can check on your premises both inside and outside business hours, providing the confidence and peace of mind you require. We also do street patrol and community patrol forum Once successfully tracked down a suspect, the tracking system will send a decoding back to our main control monitoring office for further investigation.


Alpha Vision Security has specific security personnel that work with guard dogs. Where the occasion arises on sites, a trained dog’s ability to detect by scent any unusual occurrence over a wide range, has proven to be a great advantage. In active zones the dog functions are to act as a psychological deterrent when on view to the public and personnel. When there is a situation, the guard dog can have additional persuasive attributes that a normal guard lacks.

Security Guard Dogs can be used at:

Construction sites, Homes, Industrial warehouses & complexes, Factories, Car parks, Exhibitions, Special events, Sporting events, Second hand car yards, Shopping Complex