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CCTV Systems

Domestic premises

CCTV for homes over the last number of years has grown mainly due to the costs decreasing. This does however mean that the market is full of low-cost systems that don’t deliver the quality or reliability expected. All our CCTV equipment comes with manufacturers 3-year guarantee and use the special SV hard disks designed for continuous duty. Our cameras with image chips and night vision make Alpha Vision Security camera system stand out from the crowd. For further information contact us.


We can offer a complete package from design, installation, repairs and servicing from a modest shop to a shopping centre with multiple networked IP cameras. The design of a system should take into account the data protection act and must be set up to capture the evidence with a view to it being admissible in court. Signs are required to be displayed to make public or staff aware that recording is taking place. However, where abuse or a particular problem exists then covert cameras can be used under strict guidelines. Call us today for a no obligation survey and quotation. Small to medium sized commercial customers can choose our packages

Access Control

Access systems can range from a single door with a code to networked multi-site system managed via PC. Doors can be accessed via code, proximity card, swipe card or biometric (finger print etc.) depending on security required. A coded entry is by far the most cost-effective method but with that comes the lowest security as the code could be seen or shared. Most companies will opt for proximity cards which double up as photographic ID and cannot be copied. A stand-alone system is managed at that door only whereas a networked system allows full logging and control via a PC. Locking systems will again depend on the application and can be from traditional Yale lock style electronic releases to magnetic locks. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Full Height Turnstiles

Enhance the physical security of your building and achieve full control over the flow of entry with Alpha Vision Security’s wide-array of turnstile access control solutions from the world’s leading brands. Turnstile entry systems are one of the most efficient ways to provide enhanced security, crowd control and loss prevention by managing access and monitoring attendance through internal or external entry points, for example main lobby areas, employee entrances, elevators and more. Whether you require state-of-the-art optical turnstiles, waist-high turnstiles, swing-arm turnstiles or full-height turnstiles, we have the ideal solution to meet your physical access control requirements.

A leading Gauteng turnstile system installer, Alpha Vision Security has helped hospitals and healthcare facilities, commercial office buildings, construction sites and educational institutions ensure orderly traffic flow, maintain accurate and monitored attendance and restrict passage to authorized individuals. Our vast experience and expertise in the field of turnstile access control systems enables us to provide best-in-class physical security solutions for long-lasting performance in high volume environments.

Interested in installing a state-of-the-art turnstile entry system? Our experts will help you choose and install a high-quality turnstile access control solution based on your complete set of security and integration needs.

Barrier Gates

  1. Manual release device to operate the barrier when power failure.
  2. Barrier motor with die-casting aluminum alloy is high-hermetic and easy for heat dissipation.
  3. Motor cooling fan to avoid the over-heating possibility.
  4. This automatic parking gate can automatic reversing when the barrier boom meets the obstruction.
  5. Auto closing realization through menu setting on the control panel.
  6. The arm barrier works well with infrared photocells, loop detectors, card readers, ticket dispensers, manual switch (wire control), and traffic light.