Alpha Vision Business

Your Satisfaction is our Commitment

About Us

Alpha Business Holdings was established in March 2007. It was trading as Cliff’s Business Holdings. It had the construction division named Cliff’s construction it was in yellow pages and has the Facebook page Cliff’s Construction & Home Improvements and a technical department Facebook page Cliff’s Electronics & Security Systems. As it is required by the law the company registered in 2019.The approved name is ALPHA VISION BUSINESS HOLDINGS. The registration number is: 2019/038914/07. We operates in Gauteng and surrounding area with offices situated in the inner-city corner Fox and Von Brandi’s Street. This Company was formed by the group of youth who worked in different companies serving senior positions. Our main aim is to take youth from the streets and empower them with the skills we have, and alleviate unemployment in our youth. We are a BEE level 3 contributor. Our construction department has a CIDB grade 1 and we are a member of Gauteng Master of Builders Association. OUR security department is PSIRA registered .our cleaning department is registered under BEECA Association of cleaners. We are an insured company.

Alpha Vision Business Holdings, demands the dedication from all levels of management. A highly qualified and experienced management team forms the basic bone of the operation. Available 24 hours a day, we will be committed to client satisfaction and our services level will be unsurpassed in the industry. Our supervision and management back up and support are very high standard. During day period our sites will be visited by a dedicated area manager. During night shift we have a team of supervisors who visit all our sites. We also have the field area manager and operations that conducts the visits.

Our main focus is risk reduction, to meet the needs of our clients in all aspects, service delivery and creating jobs to the unemployed, and we have proven that we are very successful in this area. Due to our positive growth in such a competitive environment we are confident of our success to come. We take our responsibilities very seriously and always exceed our contractual expectations. All our customers are treated as unique and have tailor-made solutions

We strive for customer-focused excellence through

Finding a cost-effective solution for our clients
Skills development of our people
Economic participation of our staff in the equity of the company

Alpha Vision Business Holdings is offering superior professional and cost-effective security solutions and services to our clients. We are “dare to be different “provide professional, satisfactory both to the public and private sector and are well experienced in this field. We are committed to integrity and transparency.(IAC), a member of (CIS)

Our Objectives

Provide professional, committed and skilled hand complimented by well trained PSIRA registered and professional dressed officers. To make sure that our clients get the superior quality services at economic and market related prices to improve and cement excellent client relations. To act swiftly, formidably and efficiency against threat in protecting, nurturing and securing client’s interest.

Our Values

Customer focused services
Mutual respect
Team work
Striving for continuous improvement